Daily Courier Feature in Economic Development Article

April 7, 2017

Earlier this week the Daily Courier released an article regarding the departure of three local leaders in economic development and the impact it is taking on the Prescott area. While the city is still working to get these positions filled, the roles that these economic developers will play out needs to be determined, as the article points out. This could be a great opportunity to shift the goals of the community towards progressive development techniques and a way to incorporate large plans for future growth into the equation.

This shift in development goals will start with the partnerships being built between Prescott and the higher education facilities in the area. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University makes Prescott an ideal hub for cyber security corporations to create satellite locations in the area, thus retaining our students in the local workforce.

Michael Lamar, manager for the City of Prescott, provided this quote for the Daily Courier’s article: “Jim Robb’s experience working directly with key stakeholders in the technology and cyber-security industry make him an excellent choice to spearhead Prescott’s efforts to capitalize on our already strong partnerships with ERAU and the technology industry”. Lamar perfectly sums up what The Robb Group aims to accomplish in its time working with the city of Prescott.