The Robb Group works with cities to propel them into hypergrowth with the result of technological advancement in mind, bringing everything from aerospace to cyber-security to the table. TRG approaches a city with a holistic vision, evaluating every component’s capacity for improvement. With years of business experience, we know the methodologies to utilize and attract assets that will allow your local environment to thrive and grow beyond your imagination.

Let us be your catalyst to growth. We can assist with incubation and incubation funding, leading to venture capital. We are here to help you create proactive goals and it is our mission to help you achieve them, whether short or long term.


The Robb Group works with all sizes of businesses to strategize possibilities for expansion. We will help pair you with the best suited hub for your satellite offices where your company will help a community expand. Your offices will be an important factor of their technological growth, while providing you with an affordable workforce.
We aim to find the best matches between cities and companies throughout the nation that provide valuable jobs to areas with a need for growth, and an opportunity for companies to expand to areas efficiently with an optimized investment.


The Robb Group focuses on growing cities, bringing in high paying jobs through the creation and attraction of entrepreneurs, high tech telecommuters, and technology company satellite offices. We aim to help you rank among the top small cities in America, one step at a time, and with measurable results.